Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Re-intro (5th times a charm, or I am becoming senile)

Let's try this again.

This is probably my fifth attempt to restart this blog.  This is probably the third time I have done so this year.  It has been a mix of not knowing what to write, having poor grammar, being unfocused, and having such an assortment of ideas and not being able to put thoughts to paper (or blog in this case) fast enough, that it doesn't translate.

In this blog, going forward, I will try to write in a carefully worded and hopefully with proper grammar.  Ultimately, I am going to be writing mostly about various topics that come to me head, or even something simple like my cooking, topics that happen to be occuring in my life, deepest thoughts, or current news or to very trivial topics as a movie, book, tv, show, commercial, or something unrelated to a conversation I had with a friend (or random stranger).  In other words, I could make an entry multiple times a day to once every few months.

I am going to talk about the title "Coffee Ballad" for today's blog entry as part of the introduction.

Coffee:  I used to be very passionate about coffee and almost became a coffee snob.  I'm still addicted to drinking coffee often.   I've been trying to learn more about coffee and wine tasting ever since I moved to San Francisco.  I am not very descriptive when I am tasting foods and I am slowly learning, a little too slowly though.

Ballad: Growing up, I was a band nerd.  Yes, you heard that correctly, I was a band nerd, minus the weird band friends, granted who was not weird and awkward growing up.  I was actually more the jock type of band nerd, I was not extremely buff, good looking guy, cocky jock; I was a very scrawny but athletic and uncharismatic person, I still think so myself that way now, but that's a different story.  But even at a young age I really liked music.  My favorite anime growing up (HS and college) is Cowboy Bebop (and it has to do with music).  I still love music, I played roles in MMO's that had to do with music (Bards), and my unused guitar that I need to learn how to play.

Until the next entry, later