Monday, May 2, 2016

Clutter - General thoughts

One of my first friends when I moved to the United States, Pete, for the past few years, often commented on if I were to move out, he could see me living in a studio and only having the following items:
1.) Bed
2.) Kitchen (and essentials)
3.) Internet
4.) Laptop
5.) Day to Day clothing

He basically pointed out that I try to live bare minimal, and he isn't wrong, but it was definitely something that I unconsciously tried to do.  Although, at the same time, I was still living at home at the time so I did not own my own TV (technically), furniture, kitchen items, etc.  All I really owned were the clothes in my dresser and closet, books, and electronic gadgets.   It was either because I lived at home, my upbringing of buying only what is necessary, or because I was "lower middle class."

The same time, I am very hypocritical, in my choices.  As an example, my brother will ask me about a sale item he is thinking of purchasing, very often, and I will always ask him "do you NEED this item or do you WANT it?"  This will make him take a step back and think about if he really should purchase something, but at the same time do I really need 4 headphones? Or a tablet, e-reader, phone and laptop?  3-5 wallets?  Due to consumerism thinking of the world now, we are easily duped into purchasing things we do not need.

After I moved out of the family house in February, I have become more aware of budgeting better, and it definitely still needs work.  I moved majority of my clothing last weekened by "filing" them in my dresser (can be seen in Konmarie method, see below) that I saw I have a lot of t-shirts I do not wear, either for going out casual or retired to "sleep wear."

Now I need to rethink, declutter again, and my thoughts are currently obsessed with cleaning, organizing, and with last weekend's church sermon about money, it is now nagging at me. I even went to my parent's house to take photos of DVD's, books, and misc items I left there that I am considering how to clean up.

Until next time, cheers

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Resurgence of the Blog

It has been many years, and after much deleting and re-creating my blog many times, I decided to re-start it.

This will most likely range from stories, typically about my experiences and my family, stories in particular stories about my Grandparents and my parents and their generation growing up to give us what we have today, to my thoughts and reflection on my personality and life experiences.

I see this blog also as a way to help me keep coherent thoughts and to help with my grammar, as most of my writings are short texts and e-mails, and have seen a large decline in my writing.  I decided to go back to Blogger/Blogspot instead of using Wordpress, because I just did not want to deal with more passwords, which will be part of my first "real" entry.

-Omi (03/10/2016)