Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ballad of My Life

This blog has changed and been deleted so many times that I do regret deleting my older posts.  It would have been a good way to see my thought process and if there has been any improvement on my poor writing skills.

Over the years, I have written about grief, food, and some topics that I now feel is "useless" such as gaming.  I decided that this blog will be all of the above and whatever crosses my mind and does not have a structure.

1.) Food and trips will be mostly about food and have no structure
2.) Entries about myself, or my thought process will be mostly written in letter style to my younger self.  If a thought it provoked by someone else, it will be either in letter form or free form.
3.) I may or may not write about useless things that currently are on my mind, such as gaming, minimalism, the economy, etc.
4.) Randomness of it all.